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 A typical workshop is totally inclusive and interactive, and starts with a humorous and energetic warm up routine involving Body-Percussion and Hip Hop beats. Absolutely no previous musical experience is necessary.

The workshop will also include a demonstration and a brief journey around the world of drums, from Africa to Ireland. Everyone will then receive an instrument and we will learn to play a piece of high-energy Samba music from Brazil. This is an outline structure, but depending on the type of group involved, the workshop will be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the individual or group.


Most Samba-Drumming workshops tend to be 1 - 2 hour in Duration and cater for up to 30 participants per session. With longer workshops we can touch on rhythms and songs from Africa, Cuba, Brazil and Ireland. Day long workshops can be particularly good for music students and Transition Year students, as we can learn more indepthly about the various culture and rhythms represented by our collection of drums.


The tutor can facilitate up 4 or 5 workshops daily to give different classes a "go" in a typical school day. If time permits, the different classes can perform for each other, or for the rest of the school, at the end of the day

6 week course  - We can form a samba band with only 6 weekly visits. The band can then perform a repatoir of various exciting drumming styles. at events such as a show, sports event or parade!


We have developed 1-hour Special Stress-Busting Workshops for Leaving Certificate Students and Teachers. These are short and sweet due to the leaving cert student’s time pressures. They are however very energetic, funny and an important escape from studies.


Apart from of improving their basic sense of rhythm, all should benefit in confidence, musical ability and musical understanding. They will also enjoy working as a team/band to produce something that can ultimately be enjoyed by themselves and others.


All instruments are provided.


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