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Working closely with the music syllabus, our workshops are fast-moving, good-humoured and completely interactive. WeDrum can facilitate up to 6 workshops in the typical school day. Workshop lenght depends on ages and number of classes the school wants involved in the day.




Our tutors have over 15 years experience in many centres, schools and institutions catering for those with special needs. We use a range of techniques and skills to encourage interaction and enjoyment. Drumming works with all levels of abilities, and gives a great outlet for creative interaction and social connections.


The drum workshop is a fantastic way for new first years students getting to know each other as well as 6th years de-stressing, particulary good in keeping boys and girls equally engaged in artistic activities.  Day long Workshops can be particularly good for music students and Transition Year students as we can activly explore musical culture from around the world.


Whether its an after-schools, or an in-service day, our fast moving drum workshops will have everyone playing a lively samba rhythm within minutes. Teachers can pick up usefull and simple techniques that can be used in the classroom to teach percussive music. This is great team-building event for everybody while making this infectious latin beat!

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